Has Nepal Become Free ?

The blog post is contributed by Anuj Niroula.

Charter Team Member, Students For Liberty

After the blood of numerous martyrs, Nepal got Prajatantra (Democracy) in 1950 from a century long autocratic Rana rezyme. Nepal first saw a dawn of democracy and the parliamentary government under the multi-party system for some years which was later followed by Panchayat System (1960) and Improved Panchayat System (1979). After “Jana Andolan” on November 9, 1990, Multi party democratic system was reinstalled and New Democratic Constitution of the Kingdom was promulgated. More freedom could be felt by Nepali people. The Royal Takeover in February 1,2005 and again “April Revolution ( Jana Andolan II)” in April 2006, resulted to the election of Constitutional Assembly” and made us the citizens of “Democratic Republic of Nepal“.

We have a long chain of revolutionary movements for the freedom. Now the question is “Has Nepal Become Free?” “Have We become Free?”. Or we need still some more revolutions for so?

Politicians failed to form the Constitution. Beurocrats are given the responsibility for “Constitutional Assembly Election – II“. People are losing hopes and politicians are losing faith from their followers. People changed. Systems changed. Most importantly time has left us long behind. Let us suppose, the forthcoming election goes well, constitution gets formed, federation issues (which was supposed to be the main cause of the failure in the formation of Constitution just behind) get resolved, eventhough I have a question on my head.  Still, “Can we expect a person can run his business without paying percentage to goons? ” “Can we expect a person can easily pay his tax without brives?” “Can we expect a person can walk on the street late night freely?”

If so, “How Has Nepal Become Free?” “How is Nepal a Democratic country?” Democracy is still far away. Freedom is still far away. Somewhere invisible. To live in a free country, in a free society, we have a long journey ahead.

Students For Liberty – Nepal is the beginning of the Journey.


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