“Justice or Just ICE”


Justice OR’ Just Ice

Violence covers an entire array of exploitation, discrimination, the unequal social structure where man is placed on the summit. This structure has created an atmosphere of fright and these are very well backed up by the social realities. Women have typically been seen as the fragile gender. Financial and economic dependence on the husband and the family has a colossal role to play. To the degree that, Nepali context is concerned, women are expected to be exemplary wives and mothers and are likely to hold family jointly. If they have matrimonial problems and husband tortures them they are encouraged by their parents, friends and relatives in one or another way to make their marriage work and  stay inside their wedded setup so far as doable or else if they are being taunt or harassed by any guy then they are asked to zip and lock their mouth up so as not to create a picture .The only reason for this is the social stigma coupled with it, the very observable fact in every corner of Nepal ranging from city area to the remote.

There are number of instances on women being harshly tortured in fact we come across every day headlines about women being raped, alleged being practicing witchcraft and are by force made to eat shit  and the rampantly going domestic violence.

The cultural setup, economic realities, physical inferiority as such has made women undergo these sorts of circumstances where they feel like they have no direct control over the sphere of their lives.  The tortured and stigmatized women become so demoralized and dishonored by the fact that they cannot predict or control the sadism that they waterlogged into the state of mental illness. Additionally, these psychological impacts and the social leeches make it more complicated for those victimized women to stay in the society that they have grown-up in. Due the very fear of social stigma they go on living in such set-ups and smolder themselves down this further instigates the perpetrators of violence.

Despite many years of activism and feminist movement condemning violence against women the lives of large number of women in the remote places rest on soreness and suffering. Violence still is growing in concealed ways chiefly in countryside areas where women they fear to come forth and speak against it.

Cases filed in courts provide cataclysmic stories of how the society they live in has become the burning chair of unvarying torment and nastiness. There are numbers of laws and institutions for the protection of women rights but these institutions seems to be weakening out in context of orienting the real hurt. While even law has not been successfully enough in providing justice in terms of remedying the actual pain women goes through. Yes penal sanction undoubtedly lessens crimes in the society and also somehow prevents people committing crimes but yet the question concerns about thinking beyond punishing the perpetrator as the only means to provide justice, rather the true justice is achieved by re-affirming the victimized women within the society once more with dignity and respect .The new-fangled crusade today should be for healing the abrasion of the maltreated women.

Post Contributed by: Riya Basnet

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