Students For Liberty – Nepal” shorty called “SFL – Nepal” is represented by the Charter Team Members of Students for Liberty (SFL) in Nepal. SFL – Nepal is comprised of three oraganised structure:

1. Charter Team Members : Of Students For Liberty

Charter Team Members are responsible in the achievement of the organisation motive and management of the organisation throughout Nepal. Current Charter Team Members In Nepal are:

I.     Anuj Niroula

II.   Anita Bhandari

III. Riya Basnet

2. Core Team : As a Regulating Body

Core Team comprises of various Liberty minded students leaders in various institutions and will be responsible to support Charter Team Members and guide the Student Groups in various colleges and Universities. Each of the Member will be working as an individual or a group in the direct or indirect supervision of Charter Team Members in Nepal.

3. Student Groups : In various Colleges and Universities

Liberty minded students in various colleges each comprise of a student group in the college. Students shall organize various events and carry out discussion as the student group in direct or indirect supervision of the Charter Team Member or Core Team Members.

If you like to be an individual member or open students group in your college.

Click the link below for the Membership Request Form.


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